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How to Successfully Downsize Your Home

Whether you`re motivated by financial benefits or lifestyle perks, moving to a smaller space can be a smart idea with lasting benefits. Ready to start this daunting but exciting task? Here are some tips to help you seamlessly and successfully downsize your home:
Start early. While it`s not always possible, you`ll fare better if you give yourself ample time to make the transition. Plan to allow at least three months to downsize; that`s long enough to sort through your possessions and manage all the details of a move..
Take inventory. It`s not easy, but giving all your belongings an honest assessment will ensure that you only keep items that really matter. Ask yourself: If your possessions were lost in a fire, what would you actually replace? Outlived items tend to get stored in the basement, attic or garage, so it`s wise to start the decluttering process there.
Make a plan. As you sort, begin grouping items that don`t make the cut: Will they go to family, friends or charities? Another option is to sell them online or at a consignment shop. Before you bring the "keepers" to your new space, make a simple floor plan with measurements and assign each item a spot to make sure everything fits.
Live creatively. You`ll live large in your new small space if you follow some basic decorating and storage tips:

Downsizing is going to be a big change, but a good attitude and some careful planning can help make sure your new space is a good fit.